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Vos of the DJD ([personal profile] wearmyface) wrote2017-07-26 08:28 pm

Permissions and Opt-out thing!

Opt-out/special permissions post located below permissions. Please fill it in when you have the time.

[OOC] (out of character) activity
Backtagging: Yes please! I backtag into infinity!
Threadhopping: Generally OK, but asking is always nice.
Fourthwalling: Uh...Ask first.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): His human form is female appearing, so if that is a trigger for you, let me know!

[IC] (in-character) activity
Hugging this character: ....Unless you are Specific People, please don't.
Kissing this character: See above.
Flirting with this character: Sure; his human form is female-appearing, but Vos isn't going to return any of the flirting. Not without a Lot of build-up and work, at anyrate.
Fighting with this character: I'll let you know per thread because Vos is Dangerous.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): I'm ok with injuring him, just talk to me first and we can work something out!
Killing this character: ... Talk to me first before this goes down.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Please let me know if this comes up! I'll provide the info!

Warnings: See below for opt-out post.

Vos is basically a War Criminal who has committed countless war atrocities that involved death, gore, murder, torture and other Not Nice Things. While I will do my best to keep the topics from coming up without clear warnings before hand, I do need to know comfort levels. Comfort levels do change over time, and you're allowed to come smack me if I ever make you uncomfortable.

Am I allowed tag the character/you with Vos: If you'd rather me not tag this character/or you in general with Vos, tell me. No reason needs to be given, and I won't ask questions.

Character: Just the username is fine.
What is your comfort level with those things: Implied? Stated? Actively talked about? Etc. Tell me, and I will keep to that level. Keep in mind that I will always check in throughout the thread to make sure you're still OK with the topic. These are not blanket permissions, and I will not treat them as such.
Are you willing to be approached for harm/possible murder of your character down the track? If yes, what level of harm? Murder of the character can be anything from a simple bullet to the brain, to long drawn out death of gruesome torture. All deaths will be plotted out before hand.

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